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First, We Take Manhattan...

Right, graphix_fret and I are back home and sober again. :)  We had the best time evah in NYC the past 2 days.  Fangirls and the finale, what a great combination.

So here's how it all went down:
Wednesday I bounced around work all day and annoyed everyone with my boundless chatter about Tulip's impending arrival and the upcoming party in NYC.  Came home, caught a short nap, and watched Criminal Minds with la_monday.  Cleaned out my truck, and around 11:30 I headed over to Philly 'port to pick up Tulip.  We got back to my place, got settled, met all the animals, and caught up on gossip before heading to bed around 2am.  2 hours of sleep, and the alarm went off at 4am. o.O

By 5ish we were on the road to NYC, dosing ourselves up with iced mocha lattes.  Caffeine and sugar, the best combo ever!  The Turnpike was fine, and we only hit traffic when we got to the Lincoln Tunnel.  That was a doozy.  What the Navicomp said should be a 10min drive took another hour.  Oh I do so love driving in Manhattan.  Tulip was treated to my city driving style, where I end up getting all aggressive and cutting cabbies off. ;)  We found the hotel, but it was too early to check in, so we parked up the truck, put our bags in their storage, and caught a cab to Madison Square Garden.  We were supposed to meet the rest of the gals at the Borders, but the cop we asked had no clue where it was. :P  Luckily, we spotted the CW photoshoot just across the way, so I called taintedangel80 and had them come meet us.  Lending a touch of surreality to the morning, there was a giraffe in a trailer next to the photoshoot, as well as a zebra and a young panther.  No, not an invisible zebra, Tulip! :P  Seems they were promo-ing some new wildlife type show.

Once the gals found us, we staked out a spot by the entrance to the Garden along with tons of other fangirls and guys.  We spent several hours there as various CW stars wandered through, had pictures taken, and gave autographs.  Since SPN is the only thing I watch on CW, I didn't recognize any of them (well, except for Tyra Banks).  Sadly, neither of the boys showed, although Jensen was in NYC at the time.  Rumour has it that he didn't want to show up without Jared.  Hello, my lovely co-dependent boys!  Even with the lack of our boys, we had a fabulous time.  We spent some time camped out on the sidewalk gossiping and eating lunch while we waited for everyone to come out after the Upfronts, and then got to see everyone come through again.  The best was John Glover, who apparently plays Lex Luthor's dad on Smallville.  He was very personable and funny, and totally hammed it up to the fans.  'What, why aren't you all squealing for me?  Squeal for me, c'mon!'  lol. 

After the last of the CW peeps left, wandered off to Midtown Comics so those of us who didn't have them could get the first SPN comic.  From there we wandered around Times Square a bit before heading to the Rogue.  The Party Lounge is awesome there.  Lots of space, big squishy couches, and bigscreen flatpanels.  Our bartender was awesome.  Once we gave her my phone with the purple nurple recipe on it, she remembered us from when we were there in March. :D  She can make purple nurples for me any day - instead of shots, she made them in PINT GLASSES!  Whoo boy!  Everyone started off with a round of purple nurples, we ordered munchies, dragged couches around for optimum viewing, and had our bartender put the first DVD in.  We started off with Skin - best episode beginning evah!  There was much squeeing all around, as well as the obligatory chorus of 'OMG Dean's taking off his shirt! OMG Dean's taking off his SKIN!!!' followed by a toast of nurples. ;)  From Skin, we moved on to Hellhouse to giggle over the prank wars, then segued into Tall Tales where we all laughed hysterically.  We finished off the evening with Folsom Prison Blues before finally ending our run with a round of tequila shots. YUM.  Our bartender spent her downtime watching the show with us, and is now planning to watch when S3 starts.  We laughed, we squeeeed, we discussed Dean's abandonment issues, and we passed around porn. ;)  Yay for fangirls!

From the Rogue, we headed back to my hotel.  taintedangel80 had to leave early, but bohemu, riotgirl77, xingou, graphix_fret, superdork37, and one more...was it franzeska? I've forgotten her LJ handle...all piled into my room.  A booze run was made, and we ended up with rum, vodka, and various munchies for the evening.  We put in All Hell Breaks Loose part 1 and watched and rewound and watched again!  :)  By the time we finished, it was time for AHBL Part 2.  Oh. My. Ghods.  I have much much love for my emo partner, superdork37.  We started sniffling at the opening scenes when Wayward Son came on, and were seriously weeping through dead Sammy, Dean's monologue, and the crossroads scene.  There were many 'Oh, DEAN!'s from around the room over the course of the episode.  The squees over the HUG probably pissed off the neighbors on either side of my room. ;)  There was much flailing when John appeared, and we were all blown away by the end.  Oh, BOYS!!!  Also, Bobby rocks my socks.  I have much love for him.

A little bit after the episode, the other gals headed home and Tulip and I crashed for the night.  I was out cold as soon as I was in my PJs.  Woke up at 5:30 still drunk, and we lazed about until checkout time at noon.  graphix_fret and I spent the afternoon exploring Central Park and rambling on about SPN - and trying to find a song to trump Wayward Son and get it out of our head before it totally depressed us.  Because of that, I ended up with Tulip demanding I sing Skullcrusher Mountain to her over and over again.  Thankfully, it's NY, so we didn't even get any odd looks as we wandered the paths with me belting out 'isn't it enough to know that I ruined a pony making a gift for you'. ;)  We hiked up and around the reservoir, then crossed over to see the Guggenheim, and then wandered down the Museum Mile to stop in FAO and Tiffany's. 

After Tiffany's (where I giggled as Tulip squeed over the Shiny) we went back to the hotel to check out and head home.  Tulip was treated to even more of my l33t kamikaze driving skillz as we navigated rush hour traffic back to the tunnel.  FUN!  RAHR! A long, slow drive home was made infinitely more bearable by the SPN season 1 soundtrack queued up on the iPod.  Finally got home, checked on the zoo, then headed to the diner for dinner.  After a hungover day spent walking for miles in NYC, nothing hits the spot more than a diner breakfast for dinner!

Tulip and I have settled in for the evening and are mainlining season 1 episodes.  Had to watch Nightmare first for the priest!kink, followed by the pilot, and now Wendigo.

I cannot even begin to express how much FUN I had with all the fangirls yesterday!  I know we hung out with some other peeps at the Upfronts, but I didn't catch your LJ names, sorry!  Yet another reason to love Supernatural - all the awesome people I meet.  *grin*  I'll be back in NYC the weekend of June 2 for the spnapple Tea Party, so if anyone else is going I will see you there.

I snapped a few photos of us hanging out in front of the Garden and at the Rogue, and they are here along with Tulip's Central Park photos.  Before I call it a night, here's a pic from the Rogue as we get ready to watch our boys!

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May. 19th, 2007 06:06 pm (UTC)
OMG SO much icon love!
May. 19th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
feel free to steal, I don't mind :)


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