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Upfronts Changed

Sharing this for anyone interested in attending the upfronts.


First, We Take Manhattan...

Right, graphix_fret and I are back home and sober again. :)  We had the best time evah in NYC the past 2 days.  Fangirls and the finale, what a great combination.
cut for length and maybe some SPN Finale spoilersCollapse )X-posted from my LJ.

Some More Details

The time draws near!

Where to Meet Before
SPN fans meetup before CW Upfronts
Where: Borders on 7th Ave.& 32nd - 4 Pennsylvania Plaza Attached to
Madison Sq. Garden. In front where the eagle is
Time: 8:15-8:30

Where to Meet After
Post Upfronts Party - The Irish Rogue
356 W 44th St
2pm in the Party Lounge upstairs

Finale Location
Holiday Inn Midtown
440 West 57th Street
See me during the day to get the room number.
Room Party starts at 8:30

Finale Screening Location / Contact Info

Hi All,

Are you getting excited yet? Just wanted to let everyone know that the location for the finale screening is at the Holiday Inn in Midtown.

The address is 440 West 57th Street.

No idea what the room number will be until I check in that day, so if you want to join us for the finale be sure to meet up with us at the Rogue beforehand.

Also, if anyone wants to be able to contact me that day for directions/info/whatever, you can email me at yfandes AT gmail DOT com for my mobile number.

Don't forget to comment on the headcount post! :)

Headcount Time!

Hi all!

The time is drawing near - Upfronts are next week! (Yikes, that came up fast) We'd like to get a headcount of how many people plan to attend. If you are coming, please comment and let us know! (also let us know if you're bringing a guest or two)

I'm very excited about both the Upfronts and meeting more SPN fans. :)

Eek, guess I'd better look into booking a hotel room so we have a place to watch the finale! *grin*

Upfronts Update

Hi all!  I come bearing updates!

First, for those who were curious: The upfronts itself is a private function inside. BUT!! The fans are more than welcome to stand outside along the red/green/whatever carpet where the stars of the CW shows walk by to go inside. Several fans got autographs and pictures with many of the CW stars last year, including Jared and Jensen. (as per taintedangel80)

Second: It doesn't look like we have quite enough people to book the party room for the entire night, but we're still good to use it during the afternoon and early evening.  Assuming I get my days off approved, I'll be booking a hotel nearby and all are welcome to come back there to watch the finale.

Poll #976142 Upfronts Poll

I am coming to the Upfronts and...

I am only staying for the Upfronts themselves
I am staying for the Upfronts AND joining everyone at the Rogue in the afternoon to watch previous episodes and drink purple nurples
I am staying for the Upfronts, the Rogue, and invading Yffy's hotel room for the finale, too!
Other - see comments

For lunch...

I'm not staying for lunch, or am heading off to feed on my own
I'm willing to let Yffy drag me and whoever else off to Little Britain for fish & chips and deep fried Mars bars
I'd like to eat with a bunch of raving fangirls, but elsewhere - see comments
The heck with lunch, let's just hit the Rogue and start partying!

Current Plans

OK, here's the Plan So Far.  It's not set in stone, but we'll announce any changes here.

1.  We need a final headcount of DEFINITE attendees by April 29 - You can still decide to come after that date, but that is our cutoff for deciding if we have enough people to book the entire party lounge at The Rogue.

2.  CW Upfronts in the morning.  Noon to ?, we all grab lunch somewhere, either together or split up for a bit of sightseeing/shopping/food.

3.  Meet at The Rogue around 2 or 3  for screenings of previous episodes, including Part 1 of the Finale.  They are willing to give us the party lounge no matter how many people we have up until 6pm, after 6, we need a large amount to book the entire room.

4a.  If we have enough people for the entire room, stay for the finale at the Rogue.

4b.  If we don't have enough for the whole room, then we look into getting a suite in a nearby hotel and watching the finale there.

5.  Decamp after the finale back to The Rogue or other pub for post finale binge and discussion.

Please feel free to spread the word about this event and community wherever you like. 


The CW Upfronts are in New York City on May 17, 2007. Come join the Supernatural Fangirls and boys as we party to support our favorite show. Plans are to stake out Madison Square Gardens to cheer on our boys, and then party at The Irish Rogue afterwards. If we get enough people, we will be booking the upstairs party lounge at the Rogue, and screening Supernatural epsiodes on the big screens. More details coming once we get an idea of how many would like to attend.

The bartenders at the Rogue now know how to make Purple Nurples. ;)